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5 Books in Spanish About Sex With Which You Will Learn A Lot

5 Books in Spanish About Sex With Which You Will Learn A Lot

Reading and learning enriches one’s point of view and nourishes relationships with other people, also in relation to sex

In this selection of books written by sexologists and sexologists you will find fiction, coaching and essays. A variety that, depending on what you are looking for, will serve to entertain and enjoy vicariously, redirect behavior or open necessary debates.


Sergio Fosela (Editorial Letrame)

Esta es la historia de un joven que se cruza, por azar del destino, con un Maestro de Alcoba, quien le mostrará los secretos de la energía sexual. En su camino como aprendiz, he conocerá el amor, el desamor, el apego, el fracaso, el sexo, la soledad y el placer.

Sergio Fosela, sexólogo y terapeuta Porno Incestos , ofrece, además de una trama erótica, un manual a través del que nos adentraremos en la sexualidad femenina, los bloqueos sexuales y las distintas formas de experimentar placer.


  • María Esclápez (Editorial Arcopress Ediciones)

La sexóloga María Esclápez ha observado cómo el coaching, las tácticas de motivación y desarrollo del potencial existen en el trabajo o en la vida, pero nunca se dan en la sexualidad. She afirma que nos hacemos pocas preguntas sobre nuestra vida sexual y es necesario empezar a ahondar en quiénes somos y qué queremos.

A través de este libro she nos ofrece importantes claves para practicar sexo inteligente mientras desarrollamos nuestro potencial en parallelo. Leeremos sobre empoderamiento, asunción de la propia responsabilidad y descubrimiento de nuestro verdadero ser Videos Sexo Putas Porno.

The 5 Books On Sex That Experts Recommend Reading Before It’s Too Late

The 5 Books On Sex That Experts Recommend Reading Before It’s Too Late

Te ayudamos a escoger las obras sobre el tema que son tendencia, para que mejores en la cama o, al menos, conviertas tu obsesión en un tema cultural del que fardar en un café

Sex‘ is the word that reigns with a firm hand (and shaky legs) all over the internet. But as those who understand information, algorithms and neuroscience know, the number of search engine results on a topic does not mean that we really have knowledge about it. How to discriminate among so much empty stimulus the most interesting sources, the voices that should stand out from the rest?

The only way to know 100 percent is to read everything, but to improve your sex life it is recommended to set aside time to, ahem, have a Porno sex life. These readings that we list are endorsed by publications of scope -several of them appear selected in ‘Cosmopolitan‘-, they have had interesting sponsors, they address issues with special prominence in the street… and they do not have a horrible cover, because we believe that, in this of eroticism and pleasure, ethics has to be a little aesthetic.

Your sex is yours‘ is “a manual that cannot be missing from the bedside table of any woman and almost… of any man”

If you want to be up to date on the most interesting topic ever, stop looking for badly edited summaries of the Kamasutra (it hardly talks about sex) and the Decameron and try these modern classics on the arts (and sciences) of love.

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, by Mary Roach

A bestseller from ‘The New York Times’ that unites everything we like about physical love (it engages, it’s fun and great to talk about and encourage a conversation) and popular science (it reports on how and why). According to Tristan Weedmark of a well-known sex toy company, “it answers questions you didn’t know you had.”

‘Your sex is yours’, by Sylvia de Béjar

Another woman who has become a sex guru, in this case at a national level. What is most remarkable is that she is focused on female sexuality, and that she takes a stand against taboos and dominant prejudices, tailored rather to the masculine needs.

Among her epigraphs, “The penis is not the only thing that matters”, “Something has to change” or “Our pleasure is not an extra”. If you are a woman and you have felt out of place in your sexual relationships, this book will be a real balm. If you’re a man, feminist or not, and you’re worried about the dissatisfaction you notice in your female partners, it’s probably even more useful for you.

It is addressed to real women, with exhausting jobs, children and other problems that distance them from that idealized object for the desire of others. From the Spanish Federation of Sexology Societies they said that it is “a manual that cannot be missing from the bedside table of any woman and almost… of any man”.

‘Masters of Sex: The Life and Work of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the Couple Who Taught America How to Love’

If you’re a serial fan, you’ll know American fiction about these two real characters, pioneering researchers into human sexuality at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, in the 1950s and 1960s.

The book, written by an award-winning journalist for his in-depth work, tells how surgeon William Masters, inspired by the data of Alfred Kinsey – who had collected extensive questionnaires on the sexual behavior of his contemporaries – launched into a struggle for knowledge and against the taboo that surrounded a matter hitherto only touched on by doctors.

Masters was too, and he wanted to find out what really happens in our bodies during sex. Knowing that it could cost him his career, and faced with the bibliographical desert of the time, he turned to prostitutes as sources of information and Porno Espanol even spied on the behavior of brothel clients, until the appearance of Virginia Johnson changed the course of the project and Thanks to her, they gathered direct testimonies from ordinary people, who volunteered. They were perhaps the first sexual communicators as we understand them today.